Looking For High Quality Channel Letters?

Let’s be honest. Finding a prompt channel letter vendor with consistently high product quality is tough. Many producers sound good on the surface but the actual experience of working with them leaves you disappointed and frustrated.

If you are serious about building your channel letter business, you need a professional vendor.

Direct Sign Wholesale has a proven production and delivery system that will please your customers and generate referrals for you. 

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What is RGB LED?

- May 15, 2017 -
What is RGB LED?How can you make your customer’s front lit channel letter set more engaging?

Direct Sign Wholesale Releases the Channel Letter Information Guide Poster

- Apr 17, 2017 -
Denver, CO. Wednesday March 29:  Direct Sign Wholesale, North America’s premier manufacturer of wholesale channel letters, announces the release of the Channel Letter Information Guide poster. The Guide is the company’s main product data reference, and it features information on front and reverse lit channel letters, logo boxes and tips for optimal usage of channel letter signs.

The Benefits of Effective Signage

- Apr 13, 2017 -
The Benefits of Effective SignageLet’s revisit a topic we’ve discussed in the past. The business and marketing benefits of an effective signage program.Note that this is not restricted to channel letters. This list applies to all signage types.